What is this service and what is it for?
If you want to show an image to several people, but you don't want to send it one-on-one to each of them for example via Facebook, Whatsapp, Chat, eMail, Twitter.

How do I do this?
Just click on the button above and select as many pictures as you want. Alternatively you can also drag & drop the images. When the file transfer is complete, you see a few links, you can share or post in boards and websites.

You can share the "MinPic.net Link" on Facebook, Whatsapp, Chat, eMail, Twitter. The "Website Code" can easily be copied to your own website or blog. The "Forum [BB] Code" is for boards and other BB code supporting projects. You only need the "Deletion Link" if you want to delete the image from the server. In that way you can make sure that only the right persons see the image.

You can save the "deletion link" in a text file or bookmark.

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After uploading you can edit the picture, insert texts and forms, paint on the image, activate filters and much more.

Apple Appstore: MinPic Google Playstore: MinPic 

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